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Find the career for you

Are you feeling a bit lost? Do you need some help finding the career that's right for you?
Not to worry - we can help!

Online assessment

Our assessment takes place online using a powerful piece of technology, combined with six decades of research.

More than aptitude

This is more than an aptitude or psychometric test, because we take natural skill, interests, and real-world opportunities into consideration.

Career prioritisation

We're not going to tell you to become a doctor, but we may tell you you should consider a career in the medical field instead of the financial industry.

Accountant, doctor or scientist?

We're not going to tell you to become an accountant, doctor or scientist, but we may tell you that you'll likely to better pursuing a career in the medical instead of the financial field. We call that 'Career Prioritisation', which means we rank career options from most suitable to least suitable.

Find the career that best suits you…

Why choose CareerTown?

Are you feeling a bit lost? Do you need some help finding the career that's right for you? Not to worry - we can help!

Scientific approach

We use a variety of scientific fields and factors to determine the right careers for you.

Simple and convenient

Our assessment is super easy to do from home on any device with an internet connection.

Instant report

After completing the assessment, you will instantly receive your comprehensive career guidance report.

Automated and affordable

By doing an automated online assessment we can keep costs down and make it affordable.

Your abilities

We try to understand an individual’s unique abilities to narrow the career focus.

Great results

Our online assessment performs better than Career Guidance Counsellors or other tests.

Making the right
subject choice

Choosing subjects doesn’t have to be daunting. CareerTown scientifically guides learners to select the most suitable subjects, putting them on the right career path as early as Grade 9. It is designed for those requiring subject choice guidance, as well as those nearing the end of their schooling who need specific input on extra tuition, further studies, and career options.

Find the career that best suits you…

What our learners have to say

Cordelia found the feedback to be of a good quality and as a parent, found the assessment a worthwhile investment. Both Cordelia and her son found the process of assessment to be easy enough and are both satisfied with the product. Cordelia has said that she will get her son to complete the Career Guidance assessment in 2 years’ time.

Cordelia Samuel

Kasia found the report enjoyable and incredibly insightful, and even recommended the assessment to her school. As a parent, Diane, found that the assessment was a worthwhile investment for her daughter.

Diane Graney

The subject choice assessment was completed in about an hour’s time and Charlize found the assessment to be straightforward and the instructions were easy enough to understand. Both Charlize and her mother found the report very comprehensive, and the recommendations provided by the report were used in Charlize selecting her senior subjects. Charlize was very happy with the recommendations.

Eloise Resnik

We found the report to be very helpful and informative. The most important outcome was that it provided certainty to the learners, their parents and our staff that they were making accurate and relevant decisions.

Lucia Harding Senior School Psychologist, Kingsmead College

Abby has recently completed the CareerTown Career Guidance Assessment. The accuracy of the results provided us with confidence in the decision making regarding her career choices. I would highly recommend this assessment for those seeking clarity on their future career paths.

Carolyn Arnold Mother of matriculant, St. Anne’s Diocesan College

I recently completed the CareerGuide assessment as I have had absolutely no idea what I wanted to study. I was even considering taking a gap year to try and figure out what my next steps were. After completing the assessment, I now have complete clarity in terms of what I need to study and the areas in which I will excel. I would recommend CareerGuide to any student that is confused or unsure about what they want to study or achieve in the future.

Jamie Green Grade 12 student, Helpmekaar College


Take the assessment today and find the career you are best suited for.

Find the career that best suits you…